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Modified 1-Jul-22
Created 21-Aug-17

Miscellaneous photos from the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. If you were there with me on Josie's Ridge, please leave a comment or shoot me an email using the contact link at

The video taken by my phone was shot in 4K facing south using regular speed, then sped up 8X in post processing. I kept sound with the video, but since it's sped up, the people sound like chipmunks.

The video taken by my camera was shot at 1080P facing north, one frame every 3 seconds.

I should mention that the phone compensates for exposure during the video. The camera does not, hence the different appearance of the two videos.
16:21:5616:21:5616:22:07iPhone17:22:30 South Side of Josie's Ridge16:24:0916:24:1416:24:4816:26:08 Josie's Ridge16:26:15 Josie's Ridge16:26:5116:27:0617:31:0716:34:27 Grand Teton16:44:48 Park Ranger16:48:1416:56:18 Canine Exploration17:05:02 Grand Teton17:29:41 Hand